We Are Archivo Cero
Linguistic Solutions

We provide services in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Argentina, one of the most renowned countries in the translation industry for its highly professional and high-quality translators and its pioneering centers for language and translation studies.

We provide services in Spanish.

TRANSLATION: Scientific. Sworn and Legal. Technical. Localization and Transcreation.

INTERPRETING: On site and remote. Conferences, talks, guided tours, business meetings.

TRANSCRIPTION AND SUBTITLING: Institutional videos, tutorials, films, and other audiovisual material requiring subtitles or captions.

EDITING: Correction and editing of all types of text.

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ACT First to Perform Quality Control in 2001

This is Archivo Cero Traducciones step by step translation process. Our process includes a quality control step we've been the first to implement in the translation industry.

Front Desk

Quick turnaround and quotation.

Project Managing

Project assessment. Assignment to the most suitable specialist. Project follow-up.


Revision and linguistic review.


Checking, delivery and follow-up to total customer satisfaction.




Patents, patient information leaflets, protocols, manuals, dossiers, papers, research articles, prescriptions, consent forms, medical records and other documents of interest to the international scientific community.



Information technology, environment, various industries, cuisine.


Sworn and Legal

Personal documents, wills, contracts & agreements, deeds, corporate bylaws and minutes, judgments, letters rogatory, powers of attorney, patents, letters of credit, financial reports, balance sheets.


Localization and Transcreation

Software and websites. Adaptation of marketing copy to deal with cultural connotations.

About Us

Archivo Cero Traducciones is a boutique business, where tradition and innovation coexist. A company that grows on a human scale, focusing on the pleasure of the work we do and on a professional bond with our clients, collaborators and external suppliers.


Patricia Cohan

I am the owner and manager of ACT

Translation was not my first activity. I was first trained as a French teacher. And I still work as a teacher on a smaller scale, with full pleasure and curiosity.

I became a translator at the request of the companies where I used to teach. Then I did some training on translation and some courses on editing and revision of texts. I discovered how exciting both professions can be. Acting as a link for communication across languages and seeing the results.

Running this boutique company is sometimes pleasant, sometimes challenging and sometimes disturbing. We face multiple challenges. This human activity takes place in a very dynamic world, so you need to find new ways to adapt and bring solutions. How can we separate a human aspect from humans?

I enjoy working with people and their languages and helping them communicate. I like internal organization tasks, preparing our best proposals for clients and collaborators. Closely collaborating with them all. Defending human translation so that we can still be humans.

Valeria Pazo

I am a Project Manager at Archivo Cero Traducciones since 2012

My main task is to assess and coordinate projects and prepare final delivery to client.

I have worked at Archivo Cero since 2002, when I first started as a Junior Translator. Here I got training while going to university. I have also studied French and Portuguese.

I have always been passionate about languages, that is why I decided to dedicate myself to them professionally from an early age. I like to find language equivalents and build bridges between one culture and another. I also appreciate the opportunity to learn about different and varied subjects every day: one day about banking, another day about refugees, another day about pharmacy.

But above all, I am interested in defending this valuable -and often hidden- profession as a cornerstone of human communication.

We provide linguistic solutions

Translations, interpreting, website localization, etc. to local business since 1992 and to foreign businesses since 2001. Quick turnaround with a final quality control step we've been the first to implement.

Some industries we work for

ICBC, BNP Paribas and BICE Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior

Baliarda, Fundación Interamericana del Corazón

Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco, CAPACOA (Canadian Association for the Performing Arts), Edinburgh Fringe Festival

European Union, United Nations, UNHCR

And many others.